Career Aspiration - The importance of a social network like LinkedIn

By Posted in: - on 06 / 03 / 2020

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With the development of new technologies, new means of communication have appeared, notably social networks.
These tools now play a unique role in our society, and they each have their objectives.
When we talk about social networks, a few come to mind, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, for example. These allow you to share information or personal moments with friends or relationships. However, other social networks, such as LinkedIn, which today has more than 400 million users, have gradually grown in importance and influence, to today be among the forerunners of professional social networks.


LinkedIn can be seen as an online CV because it allows you to establish your professional profile. It, therefore, contains the information that is usually indicated in a CV, such as professional experience, training that one has taken or the foreign languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat one uses. But you can also add other information like volunteering experiences, personal details, interests, skills, and recommendations, among others.


LinkedIn to improve your SEO

The LinkedIn page should also serve as a springboard to bounce on a website. Designing a profile that says enough about the user and their activity to captivate the visitor attention; but not too much: so that he feels the need to continue browsing your site to satisfy his curiosity. Google is now putting more emphasis on social media, and it takes into account what’s going on in the LinkedIn account. The more active the users are, the more popular they will be, the more their SEO will improve. The user enters a virtuous circle which serves as a lever to improve their activity by creating an audience for their site.


If LinkedIn is an excellent opportunity to develop a clientele, it is just as effective in finding new collaborators. Whether the need is to find employees, partners or associates, this is where the LinkedIn users are most likely to find them. LinkedIn is a professional social network, and the pool of candidates is endless.