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Writing a CV is one thing, but writing a good CV is another. This is why a CV must be written respecting all the necessary rules, but must be completely personalized.


By definition, Curriculum Vitae means “life course”, which is why it should only contain information relating to professional life. The primary purpose of a CV is to get an interview. But it is clear that if the CV suggests that it was written negligently, there is no way to get there. Writing a good CV is to give the recruiter the desire to know more about our professional background, but above all, on what we could offer the company. It is essential to keep in mind that companies receive applications almost every day, which may seem just as appealing as ours.


You can stand out from the crowd only by paying attention to a few small details that are obvious. From our CV, we must be able to convince the employer that our application deserves to be analysed in depth. We must, therefore, put all the chances on our side to get our interview and why not a job.


What should a good CV contain?

A good CV must contain all the information related to our professional background necessary for the position to which we aspire. We can take inspiration from the examples of CV’s available on the internet. Still, a good CV must contain personal information, a section for education or training if this is the case, professional experiences and skills by putting the focus on the most important.


The rule to respect

Keep it specific, concise and brief. An example of a CV that is spread on several pages does not look professional . It is crucial to mention only the essentials by emphasising what is directly related to the job in sight is a vital rule while avoiding spelling and grammatical errors.