Five Year Career Plan - Career Aspirations - Adobe Online Portfolio

By Posted in: - on 04 / 02 / 2020

This blog explains how to create an online portfolio to present any work in progress or completed using Adobe Creative Cloud. The software to use is called AdobePortfolio, and it may be the easiest way to create an online portfolio. Adobe Portfolio is included in the subscription package, and it is entirely free for those who have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. The software may be composed of single and multiple applications. By connecting to Adobe CC with your identity information, username, and password, the software will be available and ready to use. Adobe Portfolio is the new tool for all designers to create any portfolio quickly and professionally, without writing a single line of code. Without a doubt, if the need to be found online or create a collection of work is necessary, this tool is the best companion to have.


Despite the use of this program, the designer has the opportunity to work on a different type of platform, such as the WordPress website, to develop various skills. One of the strengths of this tool, or instead of this web application, is fully integrated with Adobe Behance, Adobe’s social network, dedicated to designers and creativity. The alliance between the two services allows us as designers, to insert in Adobe Portfolio in a few mouse clicks, our projects already published on Behance. The built-in bidirectional software will enable us to make changes to any existing projects using one of the tools without distinction and to get an automatic update from the other service. But Adobe Portfolio is not just integrated with Behance. Thanks to its powerful editor, the designer will be able to create a complete collection of his work unrelated to Behance.


Also, its infinite possibilities of customisation certainly do not stop there. For example, thanks to a sophisticated editor, the designer can insert any icons of their favourite social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and of course Behance and many others, only by configuring their relative links.