Five Year Career Plan - Career Aspirations - Job Search

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My intention by the end of this course is to become a back-end developer or a WordPress Developer. Obviously, the course is more digital-oriented, which means that other technical skills such as motion graphics and graphic design are more preferred than others.

But why and how to become a WordPress Developer?

With more than 76 million users, WordPress is the most popular (CMS) Content Management System on the Web. The demand for WordPress Developers for small, medium and large projects in on the raise. Editing WordPress involves writing a stand-alone code that interacts with the WordPress core files. So there is an intensive learning curve to respect in order to master the development process. In a few steps, I will list all the stages and state at what level I am in terms of knowledge and experience, which will be necessary for the five years development plan. It is essential to understand that a WordPress Developer is a web developer. So, no matter what type of technology or Operating System is in used, he can adapt to any web projects.


Step 1 is to learn HTML

HTML is a markup language for creating a web page. It was created by Tim Berners-Lee, one of the founders of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The HTML is primarily used to structure the skeleton and content of a web page.

Step 2: Learn CSS

HTML, we can move up a gear with CSS. No more issues to customise a WordPress theme. Once we are comfortable with CSS, nothing can be an obstacle to create beautiful and responsive websites. Again, this is not the most complicated part, as CSS is not a programming language.


Step 3: Learn JavaScript / JQuery

JavaScript is a programming language invented for the Web. Its main use is on the client-side. The purpose of JavaScript is to improve the interaction of the user with the web page to facilitate the user experience (UX), and by bringing more to HTML. After the loading page, JavaScript takes care of the embellishment by updating the animations, validating the forms on mouse over or on click or submission. Is Javascript important for WordPress theme development? If we want to respect the concept and the discipline of UX design, this programming language becomes more useful.


Step 4: Learn PHP / MySQL

The most complicated stage of this learning curve starts here. To become a real developer, we have to know how to write algorithms. Indeed, an algorithm is a sequence of instructions to solve problems. And PHP is a programming language that does exactly that; it used to communicate with the MySQL database to bring all different elements of WordPress together as one database-driven application. Many experts assert that PHP is not a difficult language to learn, and it is the main one used by WordPress. So to be a WordPress Developer, we must be fluent in PHP as great support can be found on the Web, especially on

Identify people and organisations/companies that you would be interested to make contact with. At the moment, by having a searchable profile and nearly four hundred connections in LinkedIn does the trick as I am constantly receiving emails from varies recruiters.