Career Aspirations - Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities and Threats

By Posted in: - on 04 / 02 / 2020

Which section was the hardest / easiest to do, and why?


The Threat section was the most difficult to answer because they are external, can be influenced by all sort of factors and obviously can weigh on the growth or the integrity of your current business. For example, for example, when new regulations are implemented, technological developments or youngers competitors.

Through doing the SWOT, did you realise anything you had not realised before?


During the SWOT analysis, I realised how the job market could be a real challenge for graduated students coming out of the university. And what a steadiest preparation must be undertaken to please future employers.

Did it help to get feedback or input from other people?


In any situation, communication is always the key that opens many doors, and that was once again the case.

Do your strengths and opportunities answers suggest certain jobs /roles within digital creative industries?


The strengths are those areas in which we are objectively better than the average candidates for the same roles in our sector. Our strengths may also be barriers to differentiate ourselves from others in terms of skills, knowledge, diploma etc.., or any other advantage that gives us a lead over other competitors. And in my case, this reflects on my coding skills and front-end Web Design knowledge