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A portfolio is a perfect tool to accompany a CV since it allows us to show our skills, showcase our creative side, and say more about our personality. While a CV is generally short and cold, the portfolio is more detailed, more inventive, allows us to reveal who we are, how we work, and above all how we carry out each project. A portfolio will allow us to highlight our previous achievements and creations such as the best posts, graphic design artwork and successful campaigns on the social network. Still, it is also the best ally to present during a job interview.


In addition to our professional achievements, the portfolio allows us to present some personal accomplishments and share some passions. The principle is to stay ourself and to give the recruiter this positive feeling about ourself and the willing to hire us. To create a portfolio, it’s all about immersing ourself in our experiences, thinking about our values, identifying our strengths. It is a tool that will allow us to be aware of our professional career, but also about the knowledge acquired along the way and what we are capable of. The portfolio is an honest and visual tool that allows the recruiter to see who they are dealing with and in what areas they can count on us based on real evidence.


Malika Favre’s portfolio is a reflection of her art, presented with elegance and simplicity. Each piece on the home page represents a gallery to explore with a simplified jQuey lightbox effect. All aspects of User Experience are respected and allow for natural orientation. However, the website was designated by, which is unfortunate.