Career Aspirations - Understanding and Using the SWOT Analysis to my advantage

By Posted in: - on 04 / 02 / 2020

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The analysis of my situation to achieve a professional goal

When a person has a career counseling project, the SWOT can help him make a personal assessment. However, it is increasingly used by business creators and entrepreneurs who want to take stock of their professional projects. The personal SWOT analysis is an adaptation of the tool used to develop a company’s marketing and communication strategy.
The personal SWOT is, therefore, an adaptation of a professional tool to help a person, often an entrepreneur or a person in vocational retraining, to develop their project.


When to use the SWOT personally?

The internet and the creation of digital jobs are leading to a digitalisation of the economy, which is increasingly segmenting professional careers. Adapting to these changes requires stepping back from our skills, re-analyse the need of the market and decide upon the opportunities to choose from. The personal SWOT can intervene in many cases, for example:

  • As part of a skills assessment
  • When preparing for a job interview
  • When making a comprehensive evaluation of a professional situation
  • When considering the creation or takeover of a business
  • To redefine your life plan, reduce the level of stress and avoid burnout.

The use of SWOT analysis can open doors and prepare for a change or improvement in professional life. It can even be used several times during the reflection to study the adequacy between the project that is taking shape and the profile in the context of the objectives to achieve.